Micro-Blade Brows – £250

A manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layer of the skin to create desired brows. Effects last up to 12-18 months after which the pigment fades leaving the skin & your brows exactly as they were.

Also known as micro pigmentation. Pigment inserted into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance your natural beauty.

3D Hair Stroke Brows – £300
Eyelash Enhancement – from £250
Eyeliner – from £300
Lip Line – £250
Lip Blush – £300

Designed for those who possibly don’t hold pigment well or those that simply wish to keep their enhancements looking as fresh, sharp and defined as possible. Price/time from initial treatment only, not second.

Within 6 months £110
Within 12 months £160
Within 18 months £210

Prescription and consultation prior to treatment with our resident Doctor. One off fee of £25.

See results within 2 weeks of initial treatment. Reverse signs of ageing & remove wrinkles by temporarily paralysing the muscles.

£100 – per area

£250 – 3 areas treated at one time

Advanced Botox – tooth grinding, jaw reduction, headaches, Nefertiti lines, anti-sweat, chronic muscular spasm can be discussed at consultation


Redefine & restore youth to your lips for a natural look or plump up for the perfect pout.

Natural Lip £200

Perfectly Plump £280

Guide price only.


We offer a range of facial filler treatments which can be discussed in detail during consultation. Prices start from £200

Nose to lip lines, Marionette lines, cheek enhancement, perioral smokers’ lines, jaw definition, jaw lift, hand & neck skin booster.

A peel is a professional treatment removing the top layer of skin cells for visibly improved skin appearance. The most popular & commonly used treatment in skin rejuvenation. Using controlled accelerated exfoliation which leads to tighter, fresher smoother skin.

Categorised by their depth; superficial, medium & deep. The deeper the peel the more dramatic skin improvement can be achieved. However, there is higher risk associated with deeper peels & increased healing time. Therefore we only offer superficial to medium peels with none to minimal down time for the maximum results!

£69 per treatment.

Skin can feel warm & tingly but will not be painful.All our peels CAN be combined skin needling for maximum results. (Not on the same day.)

We recommend a course of 6 Peels, 1 every 2 weeks.

Peels can be done on the face, decollate, hands or back

We strongly recommend you start with the Media Spa Facials 1st to ensure no allergic reactions. No peels can be booked without skin prep prior to treatment & the purchase or proof of a leading SPF, minimal 30.

Medik8 peels system targets:
Dull complexion | Uneven skin tone | Skin ageing | Pigmentation marks | Blemishes.


Target – All skins types.
Strength – VERY GENTLE
PEELING – None to absolute minimal

Perfect first peel for all skin types including acneic, dull, lightly wrinkled skin. Carefully selected AHA’s to diminishes excess sebum, signs of ageing, light pigmentation & scarring. Reveals an instantly revived, brighter, radiant complexion Visible results and minimal downtime.


Target – Ageing.
Strength – MILD
PEELING – None to Mild

An effective combination of AHA’s to enhance cell turn over & regeneration to reduce fine lines & wrinkles leaving skin smooth & renewed. Rich in L-Mandelic this peel stimulates skin cells producing more collagen & elastin for a youthful complexion.


Target – Sun Damage & hyperpigment.
Strength MILD PEEL
PEELING- None to Mild

The most effective way to achieve a brighter & even skin tone, free of dark spots & hyper pigmentation, eliminates skin cells rich in melanin & prevents darkening of new skin cells


Target – Acne or breakouts.
Strength – MILD
PEELING – None to Mild

Rapidly brings acne under control & dramatically reduces future break outs. A gentle Salicylic peel that unblocks pores, clears dead skin cells preventing congestion

These peels contain;

Salicylic Acid – derived from aspirin, dissolves top layers of the skin, removes impurities, provides an antiseptic, antibacterial & fungicidal action

L-Mandelic Acid – derived from bitter almonds, powerful exfoliation without stinging, treats photoageing, hyperpigmentation and acne. Often compared to Glycolic Acid

L-Malic Acid – derived from apples. small molecular structure to penetrate deeper, evens out skin tone, regulates sebaceous activity.

L-Lactic Acid – derived from sour milk. Hydrates, treats hyperpigmentation and acne.

Lactobionic Acid – derived from the lactose in cow’s milk. Exfoliating, normalizing, antioxidant. Water-retaining properties

Phytic Acid – antioxidant with exfoliating properties. An effective depigmenting agent, proven to reduce melanin formation.

Azelaic Acid – Highly effective against the p-acne bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne.


Number 1 hylauronic acid fillers. HA is a natural occurring substance that delivers nutrients to the skin. Helping skin retain moisture & softness whilst adding volume.

Lift, smooth or plump your way to subtle results that last.

Natural Lips, Juvederm 0.5ml – £175
Perfectly Plump Lips, Juvederm 1ml – £250

*Every other 0.5ml of Juvederm filler after the first 1ml* – £110

Facial fillers including cheeks & marionette lines 1ml Juvederm, £250
*Every other 1ml of filler after the first 1ml* – £220


Apogee Elite and ND Yag laser is the most advanced & successful hair removal system available. Fast, effective & almost painless. Recommended 4-6 treatments to leave you with fabulous smooth skin every day.
All treatable areas available.

Priced from as little as £25 to £180 maximum per area.


Using the ND Yag laser to remove broken blood capillaries. Recommend 2-3 treatments. This is a fantastic treatment & will achieve the results you desire however, top ups can be required as Broken Veins can return over time.