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Winter has arrived, and an unfortunate adverse effect of it is dry, dull and pasty complexions – whether from the chill of the great British winter, drying effects of central heating or an over indulgence in alcohol and late nights.

With the Christmas party season just around the corner, no-one wants to be dealing with lacklustre skin. So how do we prolong the natural glow we have throughout the summer when the harsh elements and our hectic schedules are working against us?

Although we want to be looking fabulous in aid of the party season, over-indulgence can have a boomerang effect on our skin. Craving rich, stodgy foods, consuming more alcohol, late nights and exercising less all take their toll on our complexion and health.

Rather than be a party pooper, do everything in moderation. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, consume plenty of fruit, vegetables and mineral rich foods and avoid ingredients high in salt or caffeine as they encourage dry skin and puffy eyes!

You can also follow our simple skincare tips below – beginning to pamper your skin now will ensure that you sparkle throughout the festive season….


  • Exfoliate! The holy grail for all year round radiance, exfoliating the face and body naturally removes dead skin cells to reveal healthier looking skin. Our Christmas Cracker package – which is also our featured Treatment of the Month – includes an Elemis Lime & Ginger Salt Glow full body exfoliation treatment, guaranteed to give you that head to toe glow for the party season!
  • Moisturise! Whatever your skin type, it can get dehydrated, especially in the cooler months where moisture is naturally lost. Up the ante on your routine, slather on a richer night cream if you have particularly dry skin, or for oily skin, layer your favourite moisturiser with a serum or facial oil. Remember over indulgence in moisturiser can actually cause break outs, use emolients that attract water not oil – such as those that contain hyaluronic acid.
  • Facial serums or oils such as Elemis’ Skin Bliss Capsules or their Pro-Collagen Super Serum are brilliant as a skin elixir in winter, as they are not only anti-ageing and rehydrating, but can strengthen the skins barrier against the harsh weather.
  • Avoid drying cleansers, invest in a hydrating cream cleanser or nourishing balm – Elemis Pro-Radiance Cleanser and Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm are fabulous.
  • As tempting as it is to jump into a warm, winter bath, this can actually dry your skin out further. We recommend using Elemis’ Skin Nourishing Bath Milk which leaves skin soft, supple and moisturised, and investing in an indulgent body cream for afterwards.
  • We often neglect our hands in the winter, and they can sometimes suffer the most! Our Snow White Brightening package not only includes the fabulous Elemis White Brightening facial for instant complexion radiance, but a Pro-Collagen hand and nail treatment to soothe dry, chapped skin.
  • And finally… don’t scrimp on sleep, our bodies naturally replenish the skin cells which produce collagen and elastin whilst we’re snoozing.


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