Elemis Peptide⁴ Plumping Pillow Facial

Sometimes, it’s not how your day starts that matters, but how it ends. This month, we’re encouraging you to think about adding something extra special into your night skincare routine. And don’t worry, our Product of the Month requires virtually no extra work!

Sweet dreams are made of this luxurious sleep mask: the Elemis Peptide⁴ Plumping Pillow Facial, packed full of hydrating properties to plump the skin’s surface while you catch some zzz’s!

There’s enough going on without having to worry about fiddly and time-consuming additions to our skincare routine. We love a skincare product that requires minimum effort, and what could be more low-maintenance than a mask that works its magic while you sleep?

There’s no better time to recharge than during your sleep, when every part of you takes the essential rest as an opportunity to repair and recover. This same idea goes for your skin, which has the best chance at nutrient and moisture absorption during a night’s sleep. The impressive floral complex of this lightweight night mask, including Indian Night Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, provides it with deeply restorative and hydrating powers.

The sleep-centric beauty industry has experienced an sharp boost recently, trending across industries from skincare to aromatherapy and inspiring more and more of us to reach for snooze-dedicated products to aid our sleep cycles. Years of homeopathic and beauty research have combined to bring some of the smartest sleepy skincare to the market, now estimated to be worth over £43 million. Talk about the benefits of a power nap! Many of the ingredients in this super-charged night mask are also known for their calming properties, fantastic for coaxing your body and mind into the perfect state of calm for bedtime. Soothing natural botanicals, like Night Scented Stock and Sweet Orange, create the perfect dreamy veil to drift off under.

Elemis Peptide Plumping Pillow FacialThis emollient gel mask smooths over the skin, creating a veil which locks in moisture overnight to leave skin soft, supple and re-hydrated to its maximum. The potent formula and rich gel texture of this mask means that only a small amount of this concentrated product is required on each application. We recommend dispensing a pea-sized amount and gently rubbing across the face in upward strokes, concentrating on areas of uneven skin texture and where fine lines appear most. Then, shut your eyes for 40 winks and let this mask work its magic. By the time your alarm goes off, the mask will have had the time to sink into the upper layers of the skin, ready to be rinsed off to reveal plumped, super-hydrated skin.

So, who do we think needs this mask in their beauty arsenal? This Elemis product is the perfect for dry skin types, or those seeking solutions to meet their anti-aging aims from smoothing fine lines to restoring moisture balance. This award-winning mask is best used as part of a hydrating skincare routine, as it will provide a much-needed boost to hardworking day creams and lightweight serums.

You can purchase the Elemis Peptide⁴ Plumping Pillow Facial (£52) in the Spa by Kasia boutique, alongside a fantastic range of products and kits from the Elemis skincare and home aromatherapy collection.









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