Pregnancy Spa Treatments

We proudly offer a bespoke range of special pregnancy treatments and products to help nurture you and your body during this unique time .

These thoroughly researched and carefully formulated treatments have been designed to nurture and support a woman through the rich experience of each trimester.

Let us indulge you with one of our expert pregnancy treatments.

Please note: Pregnant guests must be at 12 weeks or over and no more than 32 weeks to receive treatment. 

60 minutes | £85

Mothers-to-be are restored to optimum wellness. An intuitive and relaxing massage hydrates skin expanding to accommodate a growing baby.

60 minutes | £90

Gently addresses any visible effects of hormonal changes on the skin and restores vitality to leave you feeling refreshed.

25 minutes | £35

Fragrant conditioners and restorative ingredients make this the ultimate anti-aging hand treatment. Expertly targets ages spots and dryness and leaves your hands soft and supple.

25 minutes | £35

Take a load off with this foot-focused tension releaser. Lower legs and feet are thoroughly exfoliated, bathed and massaged. Feet are left nourished, soft and smooth.