Sixties Makeup Trends

There is a huge overall trend nowadays of current brands, designers, and fashionistas alike stepping back in time and re-creating styles from past decades.

Both the high street and catwalk have shown a significant nod to the 60’s of late with their fashion creations, and it is creeping into the makeup looks too. Beehives, big blow-drys, bows in the hair, retro liner flicks and lots of mascara have been all over the fashion shows of late, and I LOVE it all.
One of my favourite looks from that decade has to be that of model Twiggy. Many of you younger readers may recognise her name more from M&S adverts over the last couple of years, but she was actually a very successful model in her own right back then, and her overall style is definitely making a comeback now too.

I loved the doll eyes makeup she was so famous for, but I know not everyone will be a fan of the exact look she so often sported. It is so easy to re-create a more wearable and updated version now though.

Modern 60s look

In comparison to the original Twiggy look, the eyes are much more toned down. I still love the big lashes and liner through the socket, but the lower lash line is a little more subtle, which many of you may prefer.  Twiggy was never known for overly strong brows, so these have also only been given a little boost with a faint amount of brow pencil.





Here’s a step by step guide to re-creating the modern look…


You want an even, flawless base, but nothing overly heavy or cakey. Buff your preferred foundation into the skin well, making sure to blend down your neck and up into your hairline. Add a little translucent powder to remove shine, particularly if you have slightly more of an oily complexion.

Twiggy’s original look had a little contouring of the cheekbones which you could certainly add. However I’ve just added a very, very light dusting of blush to the apples of the cheeks instead here, which gives no more than a subtle, natural looking flush.


As mentioned, Twiggy was never one for strong brows. You could even skip this step altogether if you have quite prominent natural brows already. Here, I’ve just added a little brow pencil to the more sparse areas of the brow, and combed through to keep the textured look a natural brow has.


This is where the focus should be on your look, as the original Twiggy makeup was all about the eyes. Start with a neutral base, whether that be a bare lid, natural shade of primer, or neutral shade matte eye shadow. I used gel liner and an angled brush on this look.

Line the upper lash line first of all, creating as thick or as thin a line as you like. Extend this outwards and upwards in a flick at the outer corner of your eye.

Next, draw your liner through the socket – again as thick or as thin as you prefer. Join this with the end of your flick extending from the lash line. You could use a pencil liner for this, but you’d be unlikely to get the lines as sharp, and it may look a little messy.

In this look, I’ve also extended the liner from the outer corner of the eye, thinly along the lower lash line too.

Many of you will be a little nervous tackling gel liner as it can be tricky and does require quite a steady hand. Practice makes perfect though ladies!

Add white or nude liner to the lower water line (optional), lots of mascara on your lashes, and you could then add strip lashes to the upper lash line if you’d like that added drama.

Going the full hog with the original Twiggy look? Add smaller strip lashes, or even individual lashes to the lower lash line, remembering to turn these upside down so that they curl downwards and away from your eye.


Given the eyes are the key part of this look, I’ve kept the lips very subtle, much the same as the original Twiggy look. The choice is yours whether you add a little Vaseline or gloss to give a bit of shine, or a ‘your lips but better’ lipstick shade of your choice. Keep it natural though and let your eyes do the talking.

And there you have it! A modern twist on Twiggy’s signature look. Not confident tackling the challenge yourself? Why not have the lovely team at Spa by Kasia re-create it for you? And as a side note…how chic and glamorous does Twiggy still look all these years later!?

Twiggy today

Written by Beauty Beckons Guest Blogger, Nikki Anderson, Professional Make-up Artist and Beauty Expert

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