St Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse

Counting down the days until you jet off for your summer getaway? Or skipping the travels altogether and looking for a dose of sunshine? St Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse

We all know that achieving that the road to achieving the perfect tan is beset with problems. From streaky finishes, to unsightly patches and the dreaded orange effect… it’s not easy being a glow-getter! That is, until we discovered the one-of-a-kind tanning wonder-product: St Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse.

Unlike some self-tanning products, this mist is incredibly light-weight and requires no rinse-off. This must be one of most low-maintenance self tanners out there! The formula contains 100% natural tanning agents which do not aggravate the skin and nourish while leaving an even and glowing finish.

This refreshing mist also happens to smell like paradise in a spray bottle: the gorgeous tropical scent lingers lightly on the skin after application, without leaving you smelling like you fell head-first into a piña colada.

You can find this cult favourite tanner in our Spa by Kasia boutique. 

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