Be a Globetrotting Goddess

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling en route to the airport, as you realise you’ve left your favourite skirt at home, but how about the panic stricken phone call to your neighbour at 7am, to bring your passports that are still sat on the kitchen table!

All this drama can play havoc with your holiday well-being, so we’ve come up with some top tips to get you ready for that tropical summer break!


Most of us head on our hols to enjoy some well-earned R&R, so with that in mind- travel light and pack only the essentials. Organise your toiletries and cosmetics BEFORE heading to the shops so you’re only buying the necessities, and try internet shopping to cut out impulse purchases, just make sure you allow plenty of time for delivery.

Apply the golden rule of ‘less is more’ with shoes and jewellery.  Pick items that will go with a number of outfits to save crucial space and weight in your case.

During these summer months we become surrounded by images of celebs hitting the beach in couture kaftans and diamond encrusted sandals- THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE.. Avoid the wardrobe meltdown each morning and stick to your trusty flip flops and denim shorts for effortless summer chic.

Low maintenance = less stress


Organisation, again is key. Leave simple yet informative notes instructing whoever is covering your role on topics that may arise. Where possible spend an hour or so with said colleague to answer any questions they may have regarding your responsibilities, and allow time to explain and decipher any issues they may anticipate. Leaving your workload in confident, capable hands will give you peace of mind away from the office.


The holy trinity of travel, passport, tickets, currency are your greatest concern. So forget worrying that you need to find space for extra wedges, and instead remember to check these three items before leaving the house.

Travel in loose, comfortable clothing. It’s an airport not a catwalk.

It is ideal to keep your travel documents in a secure, easy to access part of your hand luggage. You do NOT want to be the one responsible for holding up irate travellers in the check-in queue!

Remember there are strict restrictions taking hand luggage items on board. So save the drama of having your brand new Clarins BB cream confiscated, and stick to ‘basics in your hand and bulky in the hold’. Easy!

We’re all guilty of a few last minute emergency airport shop-stops before boarding the plane, but how much of that could be considered ‘panic buying?’ after all you’re only heading for a week in the Costa del Sol- is that third pack of travel adaptors really necessary?? Instead use the airport wait to get something to eat, stretch your legs and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi hotspots to post a smug FB update!


Your tropical paradise is almost in reach, but you wouldn’t think it for the chilly air-con favoured amongst aeroplanes. Take care of those tootsies and pack a pair of socks to pop on during the flight (Compression ones if you are travelling long haul). Spritz some hydration spray to keep the dry cool air from messing with your skin, and don’t forget a bottle of water with that in-flight G&T- Hydration is key!

Pack a light scarf which you can use as a blanket or pillow, and use a dab of lavender oil to ease any flight nerves. Use the 10min ‘no technology’ landing time to do some leg, calf and neck stretches. You’ll hop off the plane a new woman!

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