Elemis Life Elixirs

“Life Elixirs has been created to bring everything back to the potency of modern aromatics. When the day overwhelms you, these complex, delicate yet scientifically formulated blends will tune in to you.”  Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder and Creator of Elemis Therapies

The new Elemis Life Elixirs have been formulated to restore harmony, settle the mind, quieten the body and harness your inner energy.

There are five scents available, each designed for a different mood:

  • Calm (Stop. Breathe. Be Still) – clary sage encourages calm, whist lavandin works to unwind and relax.
  • Clarify (Stop. Breathe. Refocus) – Energising bitter orange, refreshing cardamom and warming ginger work together to sharpen your concentration.
  • Fortitude (Stop. Breathe. Be Confident) – Ylang Yland anchors you, while cedarwood harmonises and geranium encourages confidence.
  • Embrace (Stop. Breathe. Love) – The beautiful combination of warming vetiver, sweet frankincense and deep, potent rose pepper inspires a sense of adventure.
  • Sleep (Stop. Breathe. Deeply Relax) – With patchouli, elemi and palmarosa, relax and unwind your busy mind and reset your inner rhythm.


A rollerball on a pulse point, a scented candle that fills the room, or the sweet release of a warm bath or shower laced with fragranced oil is all it takes to breathe balance back into your world.

  • Bath and shower Elixir 100ml – £55
  • Perfume oil 8.5ml – £28
  • Candle 40 hours burn time – £36
  • Mindful collection 5 x 6ml £38.50
  • Wellbeing collection 2 x 10ml £22

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