Elemis Tan Accelerator

What is it?

Ideal for fair skin that burns easily, this pre-tanning lotion containing Glucose Tyrosinate which is an amino acid precursor of Melanin. Melanin helps to protect the skin from some of the damaging suns rays. This helps to stimulate the production of further amino acid reserves, helping even sensitive skins to tan safely, by boosting the skins natural melanin production before sun exposure. Also contains a low SPF to help maintain an already established tan for those who tan easily. Moisturises the skin leaving it soft and supple and promotes a longer lasting, deeper more intense colour & safer tanning experience


Apply daily 1-2 weeks before a holiday. Excellent for use as a pre-sunbed lotion to enhance the tanning process. Can be used as a low protection sunscreen by non-sensitive skin types, who tan easily.

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New Rochelle, NY

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