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According to recent studies, potential employers consider your appearance to be as crucial as the qualifications, and we don’t mean a sharp suit or coiffed hairdo, so you’d best get that mani booked in before the all-important handshake.

Hand and nail care treatments have almost doubled in the past 5 years, coinciding with our on-going financial dip, meaning prospective employees are preening and perfecting before heading into the meeting room.

Once again beauty meets science as Jessica Geleration join the longer-lasting nail care revolution, by introducing their durable, non-chip finish & high gloss shine, gel overlays.

The process is simple but effective, prime- heat, 1st coat- heat, 2nd coat- heat, finish. With a super-fast drying time and zero smudging, Jessica Inc. quotes ‘3-4 weeks of perfect nails, protecting the natural nail and offering simple soak-off removal.’
With a plethora of colours and shades to choose from, you can opt for anything from natural nudes to brassy bolds and everything in between. Your nails are spared the bi-weekly intrusion of acetone nail polish removers and painful cuticle sticks, while your natural nail is protected and grows underneath the gel. Even Hollywood A-listers such as Scarlett Johansson and Kate Beckinsale are getting on board with the beauty trend by flashing an assortment of Jessica colours and designs on the red carpet.

Made for women on the go, this quick and durable treatment is swiftly replacing your average file and polish in salons across the UK, as it ultimately offers time efficiency with greater value for money.

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