Make your morning routine work for you!

What would you do with a precious extra half hour every morning before heading out the door? Perhaps enjoy a smooth, rich percolated coffee instead of reaching for the instant tin?! Switch on the morning news instead of straining over a fellow commuter’s shoulder to read the headlines? Or even indulge in a nourishing hair masque instead of the habitual speedy lather and rinse!

Below, we’ve collected our favourite tried and tested Spa by Kasia tips to help you gain some precious extra time during your morning routine:

  • It’s an obvious one but take a few minutes each evening to put aside your outfit for the following day (shoes an’ all) This time saving technique will save you some serious stress in the morning as rifling through the ironing pile whilst simultaneously eating a piece of dry toast is never relaxing! Taking the time to decide your outfit rather than throwing on the first thing you see, will help you feel confident and even empowered throughout the day.
  • Tousled tresses are bang en trend right now, but save yourself the hassle of tricky curling irons and follow these simple steps instead: Before bed tie damp, mousse infused hair into two low ponytails, then twist the remaining hair around each one and secure. The following morning shake out your hair and smooth with a little serum. Voila- beach goddess waves in an instant!
  • Unforgiving office lighting does nothing for anybody, but once too often we’ve sat at our desk immediately regretting that overly generous application of foundation and bronzer, applied half-asleep that same morning… save yourself the time and Katie Price look, by investing in a tinted moisturiser- which not only protects and hydrates your skin, but also offers a light, even and natural looking coverage.
  • Did you know that water alone can be responsible for 80% of colour fading, and that on average you use up to 9 litres of water every minute you are in the shower! So, do your bit for the environment AND save some valuable morning minutes by not washing your hair and instead spraying your locks with some dry shampoo. Sworn by industry professionals across the globe, this wonder-product will leave your scalp fresh and your tresses textured with some extra added va-va-voom to your day!
  • Finally keep your eye out for time saving beauty products such as crème blusher-eyeshadow, nail wraps, tinted lip balms and many, many more. These little helpers will cut your preening time right down and prevent that mad dash for the Monday morning meeting!

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