Metrosexual Madness

How many of us have been baffled to find that week old uber-expensive bottle of moisturiser running low once again? Or the salon bought shampoo half empty already? Well ladies, we have an important announcement to make….

The age of the ‘metrosexual’ has well and truly arrived.

Salons across the country are flooded with demand for more and more male-friendly beauty treatments, taking the term ‘man’-i pedi to a new level! And it’s not only the beauty industry that has seen an increase in male consumerism- the fashion industry too has taken an interesting turn with more and more designers paying close attention to the needs and wants of our male counterparts, which annoyingly includes an ever-growing accessory department invading our precious shopping sanctums!

With the days of a regular haircut being considered ‘too feminine’ now just a distant memory, most spas and salons are now offering a range of male specific facials, massage therapies, anti-fatigue and de-stress treatments to name but a few. Here at Spa by Kasia we are all in support of our manicured men and are pleased to welcome husbands, boyfriends, brothers, the lot- to enjoy our sumptuous Elemis, Clarins, Decléor and signature Spa by Kasia treatments.

New research suggests that male grooming is shooting up the leisure scale, with the gap between those previously considering sport as a priority past-time, making a significant drop over the past 2 years! The only downside to this sudden importance in grooming is their newfound fondness to our pricey skin care products that we had to purchase on the quiet in the first place!

So what do you think, are we better off in a world of male friendly concealers, anti-shine powder compacts, and guy-liner? Or has his transformation into a modern metrosexual meant you’re now just waging a constant battle for wardrobe and bathroom cabinet space?

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