Move over girls, men want a pampering too!

The spa world has ‘manned up’; treatments, spa escapes and products are now no longer seen as a feminine focused market. With the growing opportunity for couples spa retreats, specialist treatments and products tailored to men’s needs, the sight of a male in a fluffy robe and slippers has become somewhat of an everyday occurrence in spas.

The majority of health clubs and gyms now feature spa facilities, from the generalised post-workout sauna and steam room to treatment rooms and thermal experiences. In the Roman times, the prospect of men indulging in a bit of pampering was fairly the norm; it seems we have now combined modern technology with ancient tradition and stepped away from the taboo of what is and is not deemed masculine.

A popular spa booking website reported a 31% increase in male spa bookings in 2013, whilst the Good Spa Guide have noticed a 10% growth over the past year in men seeking out spa treatments. The masculine spa world has progressed from an era of few and far between, to men focusing on treatments for a specific reason, such as a sporting injury, work related stress or factors such as unwanted hair removal (otherwise known as ‘manscaping’) to today’s concept of simply enjoying and making the most of day long pampering and relaxation.

It has been widely reported that the most common therapy for men is massage; and indeed at Spa by Kasia our most popular Gentleman’s Treatment is the Clarins Muscle Ease Body Massage. If you’ve overdone it at the gym or whilst working, this therapeutic massage is perfect for easing tense shoulders, back knots and aches.

The rise in popularity of male grooming in general is also prevalent, particularly with familiar faces such as male celebrities endorsing the products. One survey reported that 42% of males in the UK now actively use moisturiser on a daily basis. It is no longer seen as ‘un-manly’ for a man to take care of all aspects of his appearance, and instead the groomed male is something to aspire to, with an increased acceptance of the effort a man has put in to making himself look good.

Skincare giants Clarins and Elemis each have their own specialist range of products for men, from face washes, to moisturisers and pre or post-shave treatments. The ranges also feature a selection of facials, specifically formulated for male skin, such as the popular Elemis Skin IQ – an anti-aging and soothing treatment using the Elemis products Time Defence Wrinkle Delay and Eye Reviver. Clarins most popular facial therapy is the Skin Blitz Facial, reducing shaving irritation, congestion and the effects of stress and tiredness, both of these therapies feature in Spa by Kasia’s Gentlemen Only treatments.

Take advantage of our Treatment of the Month, the Elemis Deep Tissue Full Body Muscle Massage for £55, and receive an Elemis Taster Facial for just £20! This facial is the perfect introduction to those who have never had a facial and are feeling a little unsure.

So what are you waiting for guys? Treat yourself to a treatment or spa escape at Spa by Kasia – you deserve it!

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