Arabian Rasul Treatment

The harsh winter weather and overindulgence of the festive season can play havoc with our skin. Escape into our beautiful traditional Arabian Rasul and detox and soothe your skin from head to toe, whilst completing relaxing and clearing your mind of any stress.

Rasul treatments are centuries old, harnessing the therapeutic benefits of mineral mud to improve the complexion, relieve rheumatic discomfort and eliminate toxins by encouraging blood flow to revive tissue and stimulate the lymph system.

Begin by exfoliating your skin with a luxurious salt scrub, then apply the therapeutic mud to your face and body, sit back and relax as the herbal steam opens up your pores and encourages the absorption of minerals. The treatment will finish with a tropical rain shower to cleanse and revitalise, leaving your skin silky and smooth.


SPECIAL OFFER: £50 for two people. Call 01244 572199 to book.


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