Young Skin with a Bright Future

Often a skincare regime isn’t something we take a keen interest in until we become older and more aware of our skin type and needs- sampling every cream and serum in the hope that they behold the secret to the fountain of youth! However, it is really during our teens that we begin to take note of our appearance, and caring for your skin during this time is a great start to the journey of lifelong beautiful skin.

Today’s skincare is often too harsh on younger skin, with a primary focus on combatting the signs of aging and stress rather than the simple routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. A good skincare routine, with the right products and occasional pampering can work wonders for even the most youthful of complexions.  Leading skincare brands have become aware of this necessary gap in the market and are now beginning to launch ranges and treatments specifically formulated for younger skin.

Leading British skincare brand Elemis have created two new ranges of products for either end of the age spectrum; their popular Pro-Intense range focuses on mature skin, whilst their Fresh Skin range is aimed for teens to mid-twenties, focusing on problem, oily and blemish prone skin.

Unlike many products on the market for teens, which seem to have those harsh paint-stripper tendencies which send temperamental skin haywire; Elemis ‘Fresh Skin’ range contains zero alcohol, silicone and artificial ingredients, soothing rather than drying out the skin. The products are simple, straight forward and adaptable to all skin types – exactly what a beginner to the big world of skincare needs.

The prices are also reasonable, though higher than your generic products on the market, starting from just £8 and reaching up to the £22 mark; making this brand a simplistic touch of luxury for teens (and also the perfect gift or treat!)

To coincide with the ‘Fresh Skin’ range, Elemis have now tailored some of their fabulous facials to younger skin; such as the Radiance Reviver, a mini facial to rehydrate and brighten, or the Banish Blemish facial, gently tackling oily and spot prone teenage skin. The introduction of treatments such as these has also boosted the popularity of mother and daughter spa days.

If you’re in the awkward stop-gap from teen years to mid-twenties, Clarins Daily Energisers range tailors for those slightly younger than their usual market. There are five staple products, covering the essentials for an everyday skincare routine, assisting you in the transition from teenage angst and acne to a fresh faced adult. They include a Wake-Up Booster, Cleansing Gel and three different moisturisers, all aimed at maintaining a flawless and radiant complexion without being harsh on the skin.

The ranges primary focus is to remove make up and pollution gently and leave skin feeling perfectly cleansed, hydrated and energised. There are no chemical elements, just natural ingredients such as plant extracts. The prices are again slightly higher than your usual skincare ranges; however a little goes a long way and they are still fantastic for a high quality brand! Prices start at £11.00 and reach £20.

So there you have it, forking out a few more pounds on a higher quality product or occasional treatment can have fantastic results, even on the youngest of skin. Begin your pampering in your teens to ensure that your skin has an even brighter future!

N.B.  Neither Clarins nor Elemis support animal testing.


Book in for an Elemis Radiance Reviver or Banish Blemish facial using the Fresh Skin range for just £45 – and receive a free gift bag of products! If Mum wants to indulge too, she can book our Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Booster facial and you will both receive 15% off your treatments – we even have our Duo Treatment room available so you can relax together.

You can also purchase both the Elemis Fresh Skin range and Clarins Daily Energisers range at Spa by Kasia. Call 01244 572199 or email for more information.

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