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Why is it that men get ‘distinguished’ while women get ‘old’?

Unfortunately, there is some scientific truth in this hugely unjust statement, as recent reports have indicated that a man’s epidermal layer is 7x thicker than a woman’s, revealing that women do indeed have thinner skin compared to men. So, what does this mean?

In layman’s terms it proves that women need to be taking a little more TLC with both their skin care AND preventative techniques to reduce untimely aging, and help maintain younger looking skin.

One major tell-tale sign that skin is aging is the loss of elasticity within the skin layers, a major contributor to this loss of elasticity is dehydration. Did you know that your body is technically dehydrated 30 minutes before you feel thirsty? So, as a quick and easy solution, simply glug a few extra glasses of water a day and pre-empt that thirst to beat dehydration!

Sunlight exposure
Contrary to popular belief, harmful UVA and UVB rays are not just a holiday threat. Professionals advise using daily moisturisers with an SPF element to protect those delicate facial tissue zones around your eyes, nose and mouth. And in the event that we have some sunny weather here in good ol’ Blighty, don’t forget to pop on a pair of sunglasses to give your peepers that extra protection!

Globally considered a ‘wonder balm’ Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream, is a highly concentrated pot of goodness which sensationally stands out from the sea of Anti-aging treatments that promise miracles after one application. This British skincare icon has an army of supporters who claim a massive 78% reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Even our very own Spa by Kasia guests have commented on this luxuriously light and wonderfully hydrating gel-cream which can be bought from our in house Spa boutique, or alternatively we can provide mail order via telephone – please call Spa By Kasia on 01244 572199.

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