Medik8 Radiance Facial

Medik8 Radiance Facial

A facial treatment revealing unparalleled radiance…

Holiday season still feels like miles away, but we know that most of us crave glowing holiday skin year-round. Uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation and skin with a chapped or irritated appearance is a dead give-away of tiredness. What if you could eradicate all those tell-tale signs of a busy lifestyle with a luxurious, effective treatment? Enter: Medik8 Radiance Facial, our treatment of the month for April!

Why Medik8 Radiance Facial?

The key to your most radiant complexion is clearing dead skin cells and nourishing the newly-revealed, top layers of skin with rich hydration. Medik8 facials achieve this gently while delivering noticeable results from the first treatment. The brand prides its collection of facial treatments on using professional-grade active ingredients to target skin concerns. However, don’t let that scare you. Clearing tired, dull skin should be an intensely relaxing experience, which is why we love this delicate and luxurious facial treatment! Not only will your skin feel renewed for spring, but you’ll spring-clean your mindset by taking the time out to relax during this experience. Consider this treatment 45 minutes of unadulterated pampering…and “you time!”

Book your Medik8 facial at Spa by Kasia

Our April product of the month is available to be experienced at Spa by Kasia! To celebrate, we are giving Spa by Kasia blog readers the chance to WIN this incredible glow-getting facial treatment! Simply enter here by answering one easy question about this treatment!

New to Medik8? The brand recommends beginning with their all-rounder Superfacial, and following up with a course of at least three specialized facials to see maximum benefits. Our Medik8-trained Spa by Kasia therapists will be happy to advise on treatment courses.

To book your facial, call 01244 572199 or email to speak with our Spa team. Alternatively, you can book your next treatment at our Spa by Kasia website 

Got another skincare concern? Solve it with Medik8.

The Medik8 Radiance facial is just one in an extensive range of specialised facial treatments designed to target common skincare concerns and reveal your best skin yet. These gentle but effective facial treatments are powered by the latest cosmetic research and administered by our highly-trained Spa therapists. You can explore the full Medik8 facial treatment menu here.

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